Special Truck Types

Farm Truck

From Colorado.gov:

Trucks…owned by a farmer or rancher that are operated over the
public highways…used to transport to market or place of storage raw agricultural products actually produced or livestock actually raised by such farmer or rancher or to transport commodities and livestock purchased by such farmer or rancher for personal use and used in such person’s farming or ranching operations.
A farm truck can be registered if:
…the farm truck or truck tractor is used primarily for agricultural production on a farm or ranch owned or leased by the owner of the truck or truck tractor, and the land on which it is used is classified as agricultural land….


Recreational Truck (Rec. Truck)

From Colorado.gov:

Used exclusively for pleasure, enjoyment, recreational purposes or transportation of the owner, lessee or occupant. May be used singly or in combination with a trailer or utility trailer, which is used in the same manner as the truck. Not used to transport cargo or passengers for profit or hire.


Gross Value Weight Tractor

Any tractor designed and primarily used to pull trailers and semi-trailers, which carry a cargo load over the highway.