Things We Need

This museum succeeds in premise because of the fact that we wish to acquire as many Jackson County, Colorado license plates as possible.

However, there are always a few things whose importance to our cause exceed that of other plates. We’ve outlined a few items of highest importance below.

If you have anything we’ve below, we would definitely like to hear from you! Thanks for your help in making this website the best Jackson County license plate historical archive out there!

1932 – 1976 years we still need: 1934, 1935, 1944 (tab), 1948, late-issue 1960 w/1961 sticker

1932 – 1976 years that need passenger upgrades: 1943 (we have truck), 1947 (we have truck and trailer)

1974 black-on-white government base (will feature a diagonal “COUNTY” or “CITY” on the left-hand side and will display a “JACKSON” or “WALDEN” sticker on the bottom)

2001-base passenger between 554-AEP – 754-AEP; this was the original passenger series for Jackson County after switching off of the “greenie” base

1959 passenger #ZJ-323, 1958 passenger #59 323

A number of years ago, Colorado license plate historian George Sammeth coined the term “straight six“, which refers to 1954 – 1959 Colorado license plates with equivalent numbers.

Due to the constant switching of number placement during this time period, it is considered an accomplishment to have all six with the same equivalent registration. This museum has 1954: 59-323, 1955: A59 323, 1956: 59:323, and 1957: 59-1323.

We need your help in finding the last two!

Any 1916 – 1931 Jackson that isn’t currently in our museum (or upgrades one we have)