End of a Fruitful Trip

I spent the last two weeks (approximately) in Colorado, visiting North Park among other unique and out-of-the-way spots. I searched for plates, and I’m pleased with the direction the museum has gone. I’m here to post a highlight reel of my favorite Jackson County finds from my trip. I love everything I got, but these actually reshaped my museum in some way. Thanks to everyone I met for making this a fantastic vacation!

  • 01439ZJ: my new seven-digit truck recorded low. I now know the transition from six to seven digits was somewhere between 1117-ZJ and 01439ZJ. Also, notice the small “truck” on top–unusual to see that so early!
  • ZJ-2325: I had never seen one of these remade sets before (on the road or otherwise). This set’s even more interesting because I got the original ZJ-2326 (single, one number higher) from the same source.
  • ZJ-879: Unusual indeed because it’s steel. Usually, a few plates within what a county was given will be made with leftover steel sheets from 1975 and 1976 license plates, but this is only 1 of 2 in the museum that’s like this (with the other one being the 1977 Jackson County government #5). Definitely an oddball.
  • 1ZJ-001: First 1982 Jackson farm issued. The pair speaks for itself!



Site Maintenance

I’ve begun a site renovation that is going to make navigation much easier and efficient. It will also help accommodate our ever-growing collection of Jackson County plates!

Check back in a few days and we should be running smoothly again. See you soon!


BIG update!

I’ve added 11 new plates to the gallery, including some 30’s/40’s plates (and a denim truck M8-series!). Please check them out when you’ve got a moment, especially the beautiful 1942.

In other news, I’m looking for Jackson County Z1J-series plates (that say Jackson on the bottom). If you’ve got one, I’ll pay you very well. Shoot me an email on the “contact” page.

Enjoy the update!


A New Addition!

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.07.14 AM.pngIndeed a great eBay pickup today–1982-base Jackson County passenger plate, the 28th one issued!

The museum still needs one in the FCD series–if you have one, please let us know! We’ll compensate you well for it!

Hope you’re all enjoying the museum!

~Colin the Curator

Welcome to the Jackson County, Colorado online license plate museum!

Welcome to the Jackson County, Colorado online license plate museum! This independent project was started in 2016 by license plate collector and ALPCA member Colin McGregor (#11808).

Our goal is to try and spotlight three things: the rich overall history of license plates in the county, the individual years, types, codes, and multi-year bases, and the individual residents of Jackson County who have helped us get license plates.

We want to do individually recognize the amazing people of Walden, Cowdrey, Coalmont, and Rand who are helping us make our museum grow and flourish, so anyone who lives or who has lived in the area and gives us Jackson County license plates will be featured both on our home page and our “Featured Jacksoners” list!

This site is run completely out of our own pockets, and both the license plates we get and the website itself cost money. Please contact us if you’re interested in donating either license plates or a monetary contribution!

Thank you all, and enjoy the museum!