End of a Fruitful Trip

I spent the last two weeks (approximately) in Colorado, visiting North Park among other unique and out-of-the-way spots. I searched for plates, and I’m pleased with the direction the museum has gone. I’m here to post a highlight reel of my favorite Jackson County finds from my trip. I love everything I got, but these actually reshaped my museum in some way. Thanks to everyone I met for making this a fantastic vacation!

  • 01439ZJ: my new seven-digit truck recorded low. I now know the transition from six to seven digits was somewhere between 1117-ZJ and 01439ZJ. Also, notice the small “truck” on top–unusual to see that so early!
  • ZJ-2325: I had never seen one of these remade sets before (on the road or otherwise). This set’s even more interesting because I got the original ZJ-2326 (single, one number higher) from the same source.
  • ZJ-879: Unusual indeed because it’s steel. Usually, a few plates within what a county was given will be made with leftover steel sheets from 1975 and 1976 license plates, but this is only 1 of 2 in the museum that’s like this (with the other one being the 1977 Jackson County government #5). Definitely an oddball.
  • 1ZJ-001: First 1982 Jackson farm issued. The pair speaks for itself!



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