Welcome to the Jackson County, Colorado online license plate museum!

Welcome to the Jackson County, Colorado online license plate museum! This independent project was started in 2016 by license plate collector and ALPCA member Colin McGregor (#11808).

Our goal is to try and spotlight three things: the rich overall history of license plates in the county, the individual years, types, codes, and multi-year bases, and the individual residents of Jackson County who have helped us get license plates.

We want to do individually recognize the amazing people of Walden, Cowdrey, Coalmont, and Rand who are helping us make our museum grow and flourish, so anyone who lives or who has lived in the area and gives us Jackson County license plates will be featured both on our home page and our “Featured Jacksoners” list!

This site is run completely out of our own pockets, and both the license plates we get and the website itself cost money. Please contact us if you’re interested in donating either license plates or a monetary contribution!

Thank you all, and enjoy the museum!

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